Jens Gustedt

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jɛnz ˈgʊzˌtɛt


Jens Gustedt completed his studies of mathematics at the University of Bonn and Berlin Technical University. His research at that time covered the intersection between Discrete Mathematics and efficient computation, which also brought him the authorization in 1995 to apply for full professor positions in France in the domain of Computer Science. Since 1998, he is working as a senior scientist at the French National Institute for Computer Science and Control (INRIA).

Since his recruitment at INRIA, his research was focused on aspects of parallel and distributed computing, namely algorithms, models for coarse grained parallelism, distributed locking, scientific experimentation, modeling and the transfer to application domains.

His blog is mostly about programming in modern C, as is the contents of the book "Modern C" he is currently writing. For both, constructive feedback is highly welcome.

Since March 1, 2015, he is a member of the INRIA project team Camus that tackles compilation aspects of multicore architectures. Previously he was member and head (until 2013) of the INRIA project team AlGorille, Algorithms for the Grid, which was collocated in Nancy and Strasbourg. It combined research and development in parallel and distributed algorithms for applications with studies of the setup of rigorous scientific experiments through simulation, emulation and in situ experimentation.

Since 2014, he is an expert in the ISO committee for the C programming language, SC22/WG14. He is currently conducting a project to enhance C with modularity, Modular C

Since 2001 he is Editor-in-Chief of the scientific journal Discrete Mathematics & Theoretical Computer Science (DMTCS).

Publications: INRIA TU Berlin thesis